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Food Boars in Conversation: Warbutons Thick Sliced White Bread… as Toast.

Debate raged amongst the Food Boars today as we discussed the finer points of using Warburtons thick sliced white bread for toasting. As you can see, we had quite the difference in opinion!

What do you think? Do you have a favourite bread for toasting?

What Colleen had to say:

“Man does not live by bread alone…” was in reference to ‘Toastie’, the Thick Sliced White Bread from Warbutons Family Butchers. There are endless reasons why this bread is substandard, but alas, I am restricted by a cruel word count.

Uniformed rectangles are undesirable. Everyone has a favourite bit of toast – for me, it’s the curved m-shaped end. Must we have perfect shapes? Are you the type to buy perfectly formed carrots, thus rejecting Mother Nature’s kind gifts?

Thick slices are no friend to the real butter lover. Depth of bread is important, for health reasons and for taste. If too little butter is used; dry, bland toast — too much; clogged arteries (and possibly DEATH).

Finally the packaging, oh such loud, unsightly wax wrappers! Do you want mornings full of crackling paper sounds and bright colours? No thank you Warbutons, I wish not to break bread with you.

What Jodie had to say:

When preparing the perfect slice, there are three main factors the toastee must look for before embarking – the first is density, the second is shape, and the third is thickness of the slice. A good toasting bread must have holes of no more than 1mm; the loaf must be square and the slice so thick that the toastee must, for a second at least, enact some worriment about it getting it stuck in the toaster.

It is my firm belief that Warburtons has wed these three criteria in one of the most beautiful ceremonies the pre-packed bread world can offer.

In the 26+ years I have been eating toast I have come to acknowledge Warburtons thick sliced white as the finest. All my attempts to search for better have ended in week-long disappointment as I resentfully toast the remaining slices of the inferior packet, longing instead for that dependable orange paper packet of thick, processed delight.